Here are some useful sites to look up nutrition information, recipes, fitness and general health information - American Dietetic Association - American Diabetes Association - National Kidney Foundation - American Cancer Society - American Heart association - Celiac disease and gluten-free information - Celiac Disease Foundation - large selection of gluten-free foods to order online National Health Information Center - look for body mass index (BMI) calculator here - medication, dietary supplements and illness information - wide range of health information - independent testing lab of nutritional supplements - great site to preview and purchase exercise DVDs and videos. They also have DVDs for seniors, pregnant women and those with arthritis, osteoporosis, back pain, and other limitations.. - click on the Food and Nutrition link to access all the USDA websites - USDA nutrient database - find calories counts and many vitamins and minerals in foods as well. Just type in food name and get your info. - government information on food and nutrition. It also has many links.

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